No sales are permitted on Amazon or E bay or any third party web site with out the prior written approval by Nobile Glassware ltd
Display stands supplied on a free on loan basis remain the property of Nobile Glassware Ltd and are for Nobile Products only

Special note - Credit card payments incur an admin charge of 2.5% - Debit cards are free of any charge

  1. New accounts – pro-forma  until credit ratings can be established.
  2. Approved accounts – (please complete account form) full settlement 30 days from invoice date. (Nobile reserves the right to withdraw credit facility without prior notice).
  3. All prices are in Pounds Sterling excluding VAT and are reviewed bi-annually ( Feb & July) prices  available upon request.
  4. We reserve the right to amend prices  without notice  – this will generally be due to extreme  currency fluctuations.
  5. Carriage paid order value of £ 300.00 net for deliveries within the British mainland. ( orders under £100 are pro-forma).
  6. No minimum order value required, for orders below £ 300.00 net a carriage of £ 15.00 is added.
  7. Export – Inco terms Ex-works Reading, and strictly net payment in full ( free delivery to UK port on carriage paid orders).
  8. Damages or shortages must be notified in writing within 5 days of receipt of goods or claims cannot be accepted.
  9. Goods are normally dispatched within 14 working days. Please allow longer during peak times Feb & Sept.
  10. All goods are supplied on the basis of acceptance of our terms any changes must be agreed in writing by Nobile Glassware Ltd.
  11. Costs may be incurred to the purchaser if restocking of those goods are due to cancellation after dispatch.
  12. For Ltd companies any outstanding invoices after 75 days are automatically transferred and secured as a personal liability and or interest and or charge against the directors personal assets  as per our customer account form.
  13. Placing an order and accepting delivery constitutes  acceptance of our terms of trading.
  14. Legal or court action will be governed by and undertaken in the courts jurisdiction of England & Wales.
  15. © Copyright 2016 all rights reserved ™ Trade Mark ® Registered (goods maybe subject to all or some of these restrictions)
  16. Back orders below the value of £75.00 net are supplied at the discretion of Nobile Glassware.
  17. Goods ordered and delivery accepted constitute acceptance of our trading terms currently in force.
  18. Customer information will be stored by Nobile Glassware and credit information may be shared for monitoring and administration purposes with our representative body the G.A and other members of the G.A.

Transfer of Property

  1. All legal and beneficial ownership of goods shall remain with Nobile Glassware Ltd. until full payment has been received.
  2. Until ownership passes, the purchaser must keep the goods from any charge, lien or other encumbrance. Whilst the goods are in the possession of the purchaser and before title has passed to the purchaser, the purchaser shall keep the goods in the same condition as that which they were delivered and make goods any damage or deterioration that occurs.
  3. Retention of title remains with Nobile Glassware Ltd until full payment is received. However any Nobile goods in the hands of the liquidator will be transferedd to the rentention of title claim, regardeless if already paid for.The value will go towards the claim.

Please Note

  1. All products are handmade, naturally slight variations are to be expected.
  2. Sizes are approximate all items are measured by height except bowls/dishes that are in diameter.
  3. All glassware products are individually boxed except where indicated.
  4. It may be necessary in some cases to make slight alterations during the life of  a product, this will be slight and will only be made if manufacturing requirements prevail, this is at the sole descretion of Nobile Glassware Ltd.