Step 1

The intricate process of creating these individual and unique pieces starts by selecting the finest components and materials that are carefully blended and heated to 2400°F (~1315°C) at which point the transformation into glass takes place. The temperature is then reduced in the furnace so as to be workable for the craftsman to then skillfully Gather, Blow and Work the glass using Techniques and Tools that are Centuries Old.

Step 2

Glassblowing involves three furnaces – the “Crucible” which contains the molten glass, the “Glory Hole” which is used to reheat a piece between steps and the “Lehr” or “Annealer” used for cooling the glass over a period of a few hours or days depending on the size of the item. Some small bubbles or cords and variations in design or size can occur during these complex processes. These should not be considered as faults; rather it’s a source of pride and a testament to the skill and eye of the craftsman that these are only slight.

Step 3

Our final item shapes on show are particularly difficult to create, of which only Master Craftsmen can produce. Each of these piece’s then goes on to be hand-decorated using various methods such as cutting, sandblasting, polishing and painting, to name a few. With a passionate and innovative design team our Unique and original decorations have taken many years to create and perfect and have gained great admiration throughout the industry.